Today we received notice of 3 birds we have ringed this year that have been recovered by members of the public and reported to the BTO ringing Scheme.

More details about reporting ringed birds can be found here

Sparrowhawk Chick

Merlin – EL61901

14/06/2011         Ringed pullus                                         Site Confidential nr within 25km of Glossop      
18/08/2011         Found dead (in grill of vehicle)         Staithes, North Yorks .  145km   65 Days

Merlin EL61901

Sparrowhawk – EL61920

03/07/2011         Ringed as pullus                               South Yorks
12/08/2011         Found dead, Window strike        High Green, Sheffield, S Yorks.  3km 40 days

Stickers can be attached to large windows to try to reduce the number of fatalities , for more information about what to do if a bird strikes your window and how to help avoid further instances please visit this page

Buzzard –GR38809

15/06/2011        ringed as pullus                                 Hyde area,
05/08/2011        Found dead cause unknown          Hyde area, 2km 51 days from ringing site

About Mike Price

A member of Sorby Breck Ringing Group and Peak District Raptor Monitoring Group
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