Re-homed Raptor

We received a call from a good friend, Richard Jones at AVS in Knutsford asking if we could offer any help with a young Buzzard that had been handed into the RSPB and who had subsequently passed it on to the RSPCA.

To give the Buzzard the best chance of surviving as a wild bird long term, Richard advised that the bird should be ‘Fostered’ into an active Buzzard nest with a similar aged young Buzzard.

A discussion took place about whether we were ‘playing god’ and it was decided that once rescued we had a duty of care to give the bird the best chance we could to survive.

So after speaking to the BTO and Natural England to ensure that there were no license or legal requirements to undertake such a project, the decision was taken to place the rescued bird into the nest below.

A week later and the adults have accepted this bird and are happily feeding both birds as their own.

About Mike Price

A member of Sorby Breck Ringing Group and Peak District Raptor Monitoring Group
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