Recoveries – Merlin (male) DD18698, Buzzard GC49780

We have received notice of 2 recoveries

DD18698 – A Male Merlin, 1 of a brood of 5 birds ringed at a confidential site near Meltham in 2004. The bird was recovered dead near to Hebden Bridge on the 7th of July 2013 after hitting overhead electricity wires and breaking it’s wing.


Duration: 3293 days    Distance: 27 km    Direction: 320deg (NW)

GC49780 – A Buzzard 1 of a brood of 2 ringed close to Etherow Country park, Compstall in 2009. The bird was a railway casualty, found dead in the Woodley area on the 12th August 2013.


Duration: 1518 days    Distance: 4 km    Direction: 300deg (WNW)

About Mike Price

A member of Sorby Breck Ringing Group and Peak District Raptor Monitoring Group
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1 Response to Recoveries – Merlin (male) DD18698, Buzzard GC49780

  1. Errol says:

    Great Merlin recovery after 9 years

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