A wing and a prayer.

We received a call Saturday afternoon about a Buzzard that had got caught up in barbed wire near to Hope, Derbyshire.

John Moseley was out walking his gun dogs in the vicinity of Hadfields Quarry Derbyshire Wildlife Trust when one of the dogs alerted him to the distressed bird and he called to see if we could help.

photo 1

Photo’s courtesy of John Moseley

Care was taken not to cause the bird to panic as we approached, for fear that if the bird struggled it might do more damage, we quickly wrapped it in a blanket.

It was however, well stuck with a barb through the flesh of the wing close to it’s carpal joint.

Luckily John had some pliers in his vehicle, we had to cut the fence in order to free the bird. We have informed the landowner and he is going to make good the fence.




Once freed, the bird was taken to Victoria Vets in Glossopvictoriavets for a quick once over before being taken home for some fluids, a quick call to a friend who owns a Harris Hawk saw the provision of a few day old chicks to feed to the bird **please note that chicks should only be used as part of a balanced diet for a bird of prey and should be given with a vitamin/mineral supplement if they are used for more than a couple of days**.

photo 2

Photo’s courtesy of John Moseley

The Buzzard is now in the care of RSPCA Stapeley Grange Wildlife Hospital, who have helped us with birds of prey in the past (see here and and here).

The prognosis for this Buzzard was very good, thanks to John it should make a speedy recovery.

PDRMG would like to say a few thank you’s on behalf of our feathered friend.

Thank you to John Moseley for informing us and helping to free the bird, Victoria Vets for taking the time to examine the birds wing and RSPCA for the birds ongoing care.



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