Ringing Recovery – Peregrine Falcon Orange 3Z

In May 2016, PDRMG were invited by Wakefield Naturalists’ Society to ring the young Peregrine Falcons at the Cathedral in Wakefield.

4 Birds were ringed with BTO metal rings and fitted with Orange Darvic Rings 3Z, 4Z, 5Z and 6Z.

Darvic rings are fitted to help us better understand the movements of urban nesting Peregrines following natal dispersal.







We received notice from the BTO of the recovery of one of the birds GV25266 – Orange 3Z.

The bird had collided with overhead powerlines near Ripon, North Yorkshire and had died.

56KM North of the cathedral and 124 days after ringing.






We would like to thank the finder for reporting this unfortunate bird, more details of what to do if you find a ringed bird or a dead bird of prey can be found HERE

About Mike Price

A member of Sorby Breck Ringing Group and Peak District Raptor Monitoring Group
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