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Peregrine rescue

Yesterday we received a call about a young Peregrine Falcon that had ended up on the ground and was being attacked by crows. Luckily someone had spotted it and recognised the danger the bird was in. The juvenile Peregrine was … Continue reading

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Barn Owl Boxes – An update

Over the last few years PDRMG with the help of a number of organisations, farmers and individuals have been building and installing Barn Owl Boxes around the Dark Peak.                   We would … Continue reading

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Barn Owl’s

Barn Owls hadn’t been recorded as a breeding species in the Glossop area since sometime in the 1980’s. With increased sightings each year it was fantastic to learn of  a pair breeding nearby in 2014. There were 5 young at the … Continue reading

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The beginning of the breeding season and Nest Recording

As spring approaches fast we have been busy repairing and preparing the Tawny Owl nest boxes (which in most cases are plastic barrels). PDRMG intend to restart their long term study of Tawny Owls after having a break to concentrate … Continue reading

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